The Lawyers’ Retreat Paintball Game

The Lawyers’ Retreat Paintball Game
The Lawyers’ Retreat Paintball Game

Hiya folks!

Seems like the weather just went from winter to spring in the space of a few minutes.  That’s great!  Warmer, but not hot, weather means better playing conditions.  And boy have we got some playing going on!

This coming Saturday, the 4th and final miniMAC tourney of the season is being held on our pro-shop’s Ultimate Air speedball court.  This is for 5-player teams.  It’s not too late if your team would like some serious tourney action!  The info is over on the GPPL website.

Sunday, May 15th, we’re back to good ole “RPP” -Rogue Paintball Park- for some good ole recreational paintball (the stuff in the woods and not on a court).  Now for those of you that missed the Take the Island game over the Easter weekend, lemme tell ya Kirt’s got some heavy artillery here!  We’re talking portable grenade launcher.  We’re talking waterballoon (PAINTballoon!) slingshots.  woah.  And these slingshots take THREE people to operate!  (Can you say “large?”)

lawyer's paintball teamThe Dos Amigos 2-player (yes, TWO players!) tourney was held last Saturday.  Pretty cool.  We had over 20 teams here on the shop court. The action was fast and furious – and we saw teams doing some pretty neat things.  Some surprises, too.  Players that had never even played before did some amazing things.  Anyway – the playoffs for the Dos Amigos are coming on Saturday, May 21st.  We’ve got the game schedule already set, and we’ve invited the top 7 teams from the Rookie and the Open divisions to come back.  If you played – or you know people who played – have them check out this link which leads to the game grid (schedule).  If you wanna see some pretty cool speedball action, stop by the pro-shop on the 21st.

As a side note, don’t forget to take a backpack, preferably a daypack with you. If you don’t have one, choose one that you like from here: and some solid  tactical pants here: Make sure to get the easy washing type! If you’re missing a mask or other gear, get them here:

Congrats to Joe D from Brownfield for winning the monthly contest.  Remember, you, too, have a chance at a free case of whatever paint’s in the pro-shop.  Each time you buy paint, we write it down. At the end of the month, we pick the winner’s name. Simple!

The pro-shop is gearing up for the fall season.  More markers, more packs, more kinds of paint.  And more hours of free play outside on the court.  Ladies are welcome any day we’re open – for free.  MRPL players and teams are welcome Fridays – for free.  And all the office staff are welcome on Saturdays – for free.  All of you are invited every day we’re open, of course.  But on these special days, you can get in free if you qualify.

Name TEN active paintball leagues from anywhere on earth.  The word “league” does not have to be a part of the name.  “Active” means they must be in operation now, and not closed up or disbanded.  First five people with at least 10 active paintball leagues listed will get 2 free game-day passes.

Since we’re comin’ into the summer, I wanna let you all in on a little secret.  Gang Wars lives!  Stay tuned for more info on Rogue’s summer scenario game.

Kirt is offering a CO2/HPA fill course this coming Monday, May 16th. It’ll be at the shop conference room at 5pm.  Seating is limited. Please email or call Kirt directly if you’re interested – [email protected] , or 770-642-7648.

Note to GPPL teams:  (Yes, I know this is the Rogue newsletter – but the League has asked me to get the word out as far and as wide as possible.)  The committee for next year’s MAC and miniMAC series is being formed.  If there are players from any GPPL team that want to participate on the committee, the GPPL needs to know.  Now before you jump at this chance for fame and glory (which there is NONE of!), remember that being on this committee requires a willingness to share ideas, a willingness to travel to wherever the committee meetings are each month, and a willingness to commit to following-through.  If this fits you, send an email to [email protected] and ask to be on the MAC committee.  They need three team reps.

That’s all for now.  Thanks for reading.  Remember to never look down the barrel of your marker unless it has been removed from the marker.

Play hard – play safe.